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Is your website making money yet?

The frustration of working day after day struggling to achieve higher rankings on a search engine - with poor results - is something we can all relate to.


We've all been there.


Each of us, at one time or another, has waited impatiently for our site to be listed... only to be severely disappointed when we saw where it was ranked.

Give your business a fighting chance with our SEO services:

  • Does your site rank high in the search engines for your key search terms?
  • Are your pages quick to load and easy to navigate?
  • Are your images optimized for quick performance on the web?
  • Are you receiving the visitors you need?
  • Are your visitors sticking around awhile?
  • And most importantly... are your visitors buying anything?

If you answered "No" to even one of those questions - then your business is struggling to overcome a huge handicap while your competitors are gaining ground on market share by utilizing SEO services.


Put us to work for you.

Sign up for one of our SEO Hosting packages and get your web pages optimized for search engines FREE.

Let us do the grunt work of optimising your web pages to make them search engine friendly. We won't charge you a thing for the work.


WHY? Because we are building our reputation, and we want to use YOU as a case history.

All you pay for is the hosting account. The optimization work that we do to improve your pages is included in the package.

A lot of small businesses today could use the expert assistance from an affordable SEO service. That's where we come in - our affordable web design and hosting services seek to level the playing field. We make it possible for small business owners to compete directly with large corporations and claim their fair market share.

What is SEO, exactly?

SEO is the acronym, or short form of Search Engine Optimization. Organic search engine optimization is the process of editing your web pages and making them easy for the spider to navigate your site, optimising the keyword density for your target keyword phrase, and making the site easier for humans to navigate as well.


The idea is to make your particular web page more relevant for the keyword phrase. So, when a user types the word "used cars", for example, he will then be shown a list of websites most relevant for that keyword phrase.

Why is SEO so special?

Because it will increase the visibility of the websites. The goal is to be in the first page of results from a keyword search. People tend to open only the websites on the first page; that's why having SEO service is important. Having it will ensure that the websites will get high traffic and lots of visitors.


We can help you with detailed advice and recommendations to improve each aspect of your pages. Our SEO services will help your site load faster, be found by search engines, rank higher, convert more browsers to buyers, entice visitors to return, and be easier to navigate.


We also analyze your sales copy and give you assistance in making your sales pitch more effective.

Our detailed report covers:

  • Page sizes and estimated loading times.
  • Other sites linking back to you.
  • Keyword density.
  • Ranking with key search engines on your key word search phrases
  • Effectiveness of your sales pitch, or ad copy.

FREE: SEO analysis of your website

A professional consultation by our SEO Design experts will show you exactly how to get your web pages optimized for search engines and get the exposure your business longs for.

All you have to do is contact us for your free search engine optimization consultation.

It's up to you now...





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