Frequently Asked Questions

Keyword Research Service - FAQs

  • - How is your keyword research service priced? Do I need to pay any recurring or subscription fee? Our keyword research service is very competitively priced. You will have to pay just a one time fee for the report. You are not required to pay any recurring fee or subscription fee.
  • - What will I get from your keyword research service? You will get a detailed report which will include the list of targeted keywords for your website. In the report, we will recommend the best keywords for your specific needs - but the report will also include the reasons why those keywords are best suited for you. You will be able to use these keywords to optimize your website or use them for your PPC campaigns.
  • - Is your keyword research service a manual service or do you make use of any automated tools for your service? We use both. We have software tools that automate the process for us, greatly increasing our productivity. But, once we have used those tools to identify a keyword niche - we manually research that keyword - and your competition - to determine the value of that keyword phrase.
  • - Why should I hire your keyword research service? If you want to drive targeted traffic to your website you should first know the top keywords your customers use. You should not choose your keywords randomly, it is vital that you make the right efforts to pick your keywords and optimize your website effectively to drive targeted traffic. If you have the wrong keywords then all of your SEO efforts will be wasted. You will lose both money and time by optimizing your website for the wrong keywords.
  • - How long will it take for me to get a complete keywords report? We will have your report ready in seven working days. (It takes time to do it right...)