Graphics Optimization Service

A lot of effort has been put into the design of your website! You've spent many hours editing for SEO. Finally, you're ready to unveil your work of perfection.

But, it's not good enough.

While optimizing your website to be search engine friendly, don't forget to consider the load time of your pages. Load time is easily overlooked , especially if you have a fast internet connection. Your pages may load fast for you, but someone on a weak wireless connection may be experiencing slow load times.

It doesn't take long to resize images.

The benefits of optimized photos will drastically speed up your web page! A good rule of thumb is to design your web pages so they load faster than 8 seconds. Also keep in mind that the slowest internet connection would be a dial-up speed of 56 Kbps or less.

Graphic optimization for the web is all about reducing the load time of a web page. Your web page visitors do not have much patience. Visitors will click out of a slow site without a second thought!

There's a problem with digital cameras.

Digital cameras have now become common place around the world. Emailing and uploading digital photos to a web page has also become common. The problem is that most people don't resize their digital photos, resulting in huge image files! These photos take a long time to email or download.

The digital photos from your camera are huge in both document and pixel dimension sizes. These huge sizes really affect you when emailing or posting photos on a website.

Just about all image processing software can resize images and prepare them for various purposes. Photoshop, for example, can resize graphics easily.

One of the best ways to resize graphics is to resample the image. To resample, means to change the pixel dimensions of a graphic. This is done mainly for viewing online. Resampling to smaller dimensions will resize the photo without affecting the image quality.

Resize the graphic larger and you will get a bigger file. Resampling to larger dimensions will also detract from the image quality.

The Art Of Image Optimization

The real art of image optimization is in reducing the load time of graphics while maintaining an acceptable level of image quality. It is possible to radically speed up your web page without noticible loss of quality in your graphics.

GIF, PNG, and JPEG Compression

Our graphic optimization service will resize your graphics and produce optimized images. These images will be optimized for minimum size and maximum quality. They will be at a fraction of their original size, but still retain the impact of your original image.


  • Resize your image files while maintaining excellent quality.

  • Convert to the best graphic file format. (JPEG, GIF, PNG)

  • Specify the height and width of each image. This will free up the browser to load the rest of your page while the image loads in the background. (If the height and width is not specified, the browser has to wait until the photo is loaded before it can load the rest of the page.)

  • Resize Photos. - A smaller file size means faster load time for your web pages.

  • Minimize the depth of color while maintaining quality.
  • Cut the web page file size and load times significantly.
  • Decrease your bandwidth costs.
  • Keep your customers happy and reduce bailout rates.
  • Instant access to design experts

NOTE: If we can't reduce the cumulative size of your graphics by at least five (5) percent after we resize your images - our services for that optimization project will be FREE! We will refund your payment immediately.